Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hope of better outcomes for vulnerable children with improved support for social services

By Phaloeuk Kong

Keo Chetra interviews a commune council member
in Pech Chenda Commune, Battambang, Cambodia;
© UNICEF Cambodia/2018/Phaloeuk Kong

Battambang, Cambodia, August 2018 – In Cambodia, many families live below the minimum wage of about $5 a day and women and children are some of the worst affected by poverty in all its forms. As a UNICEF monitoring and evaluation officer, my job involves collecting and analyzing data to inform decision making regarding how best to meet the needs of children who live in disadvantaged communities.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Partnership supports greater equity across the social divide

By M’Lop Tapang

© UNICEF Cambodia/2015/Charles Fox

Sihanouk, Cambodia, August 2018 – Growing up in Cambodia is tough for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, but when these marginalized individuals come into conflict with the law their situation can become desperate.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Emergency flood response emphasizes need for water, sanitation and hygiene services in rural Cambodia

By Yemi Lufadeju

Ou Chay Village, Siem Pang District, Stung Treng Province.
Sok Vi holds the detergent and water purification powder
her family received from the emergency response team
after they were evacuated from their village.

Photo: UNICEF Cambodia/ 2018/Lufadeju 

Stung Treng province, Cambodia, August 2018: As children run along the mud roads of Ou Chay village in Santepheap commune, which lies along the Sekong river, the squeals and shrieks from their game of catch-me-if-you-can is the only sound that breaks the silence of the sleepy serenity of the village.

Emergency flood response helps create new healthy habits

By Yemi Lufadeju

Greng (14) washes her hands with her brother’s help.
She uses soap provided by the flood response team.
Her family is now able to purify water from the river for drinking
and store it in the buckets and kegs
they were provided to cope with the impact of floods.
Photo UNICEF Cambodia/2018/L

Stung Treng province, Cambodia, August 2018 -- Greng Pham (14) starts her day at sunrise before the rest of her family. She puts the first rays of sunlight to good use by reading a book in the tranquil woodland surroundings of her home in Ou Chay village, one of several communes along the Sekong River in northern Cambodia.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bystander no more: health worker acts to end violence against children

By Ayphalla Te and Pharin Khiev

Midwife Korn Vichera stands in front of the
Chang Krang Health Center in Kratie province.
© UNICEF Cambodia/2018/Ayphalla Te

Kratie province, Cambodia August 2018 –Twenty-seven-year-old Korn Vichera is a midwife in Chang Krang Health Center in the beautiful, remote district of Chetborey, in the eastern province of Kratie.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

UNICEF-WELLA making positive waves in Cambodian youth’s life

By Ayphalla Te

Cambodian youth receive hairdressing training from
Wella-UNICEF Making Waves trainers at Mith Samlanh Vocational Training Centre,
during the sessions conducted in Phnom Penh in August/September 2017
as part of the partnership. © Wella UNICEF/Charles Fox/2017

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, August 2018 – Twenty-three-year-old Top Sreyleap has every reason to be thankful for the major turnaround in her life today.