Monday, July 31, 2017

Disability, not inability: One organization’s efforts to improve the lives of children with disabilities

By Frederick Howard

Students looking into a classroom at one of Hands of Hope's two partner schools
©UNICEF Cambodia/2017/Frederick Howard

Kandal province, Cambodia, July 2017: In Cambodia, it is often the case that children with disabilities are hidden by their families, in the belief that they are to be ashamed of. Some children are even chained, or locked up, as parents don’t know how to deal with their children’s conditions or disabilities.  Children with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable and forgotten in Cambodian society: excluded from education and other aspects of life.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Community pre-schools offer a pathway to learning for marginalized children

By Mariko Yamaguchi

Students play with their teacher Vim Heak at Chhreak village community pre-school.
©UNICEF Cambodia/2017/Mariko Yamaguchi

Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, June 2017 – Children living in remote, sparsely populated, rural villages have long been denied their basic right to an education and a chance to better their lives.

Long travelling distances to provincial schools; a lack of support for the creation of schools in areas with a small population base; and a lack of qualified teachers are all reasons children in marginalized communities across Cambodia fall through the education net.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Boosting the power of community members to help one-another

By Mariko Yamaguchi

Joint monitoring between Commune Office and UNICEF Community Development team
is conducted by Vany Kong, UNICEF officer and Ms. Tran Mik,
CCWC focal point in Cha Ung Commune.
©UNICEF Cambodia/2017/Mariko Yamaguchi 

Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, June 2017 – A grassroots approach is putting more power into the hands of community workers to help them improve the lives of marginalized and impoverished families.