Thursday, June 5, 2014

Growing up in Cambodia: Sreynuon, 12, Kampong Speu province

As told by Eva Khattri

Sreynuon, aged 12, wants to complete her education and become a teacher.
© UNICEF Cambodia/2014/Eva Khattri

My name is Sreynuon and I am 12 years old. I am from Sdok commune of Kong Peseiy District in Kampong Speu province. I have lived here all my life.

My day starts at 6 in the morning. I get up, make my bed, clean the room, cook some rice and boil water for drinking. I am the youngest of three siblings. My older sister lives with my mother in Phnom Penh. They both work there and only come home during the holidays. My brother is studying in grade 10. We live with our father in the village. My father is a good cook and he runs a small shop where he makes food for weddings in my village.

Sreynuon in her classroom (front left) with her friends.
© UNICEF Cambodia/2014/Eva Khattri

I walk to school every day with my friends. I joined school late soI take Accelerated Learning classes at the Primary School of Svay Char for grades 5 and 6 so that I can reach Grade 7 at the right age. I like studying. My favourite subject is Mathematics. I can speak Khmer but I have some problems reading it.

I like my teachers. They help me in my studies and let me play with friends during the breaks. My school has a big compound where I enjoy playing games with my best friend, Kim Leang.

Sreynuon’s school Primary School of Svay Char, Kampong Speu province
 © UNICEF Cambodia/2014/Eva Khattri
After school, I do my homework and feed the chickens. I help my father by cleaning the dishes and washing clothes. Helping my father and playing with my friends makes me happy. I want to complete my studies and when I grow up, I want to become a teacher.

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