Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing up in Cambodia: Sok Khen aged 11

Sok Khen, aged 11, wants to complete grade 12 and become a Khmer language teacher.
© UNICEF Cambodia/2013/Lisa Kim
My name is Sok Khen. I’m eleven years old and am in  grade 3. I live in the Prek Khsach village, in Kiri Sakor district. My house is only a couple minutes’ walk from school. My house is medium-sized. It is made out of wood and the roof is made of metal sheets.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Friends helping friends affected by HIV

Mondul Mith Chouy Mith helps to improve the quality of paediatric care.
Mrs Seang Kunthea (named changed) on the right, reads a story to a riveted audience.
©UNICEF Cambodia/2013/Shepherd-Johnson
The exterior of Svay Rieng Provincial Hospital looks much like any other health facility in rural Cambodia. Enter the two storey sand coloured building and on some of its long narrow corridors there are patients lined up waiting to be seen, some holding IV bottles and others on gurneys. But step onto the second floor in the paediatric ward and you step into a different environment where illness is not apparent. Instead, there’s a large brightly coloured playroom with a mural on very wall featuring animals from around the world. A blue and red see-saw and bright yellow rocking horse signal that there’s fun to be had here. Lines of origami shapes in pink and yellow are draped from the ceiling and underneath, more than 30 children sit wide-eyed on a large blue mat riveted by a story being told by a volunteer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Complementary food helps to make Cambodia’s children strong, healthy and clever

Complementary feeding campaign promotes nutritious porridge for children 6 – 24 months.
Vath Ngim (C), her neighbour Roeun Heourn (L), and her aunt Oum Kheng prepare ingredients.
©UNICEF Cambodia/2013/Khoy
It is eight in the morning in Ponleak village, Kampong Thom (central Cambodia) and the sun is already high in the sky as a line of oxen amble down the dry dirt road past Vath Ngim’s house on stilts. She is chatting and laughing with her neighbour Roeun Heourn as they sit on a large wood-slatted bed in the shade beneath her home, chopping ingredients for their babies’ morning meal. Along with Ngim’s aunt, Oum Kheng, they are making Bobor Khab Krub Kroeung, a thick rice porridge made with vegetables and oil, and either meat, fish or eggs.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boats hand-over ceremony

Fourteen boats were presented on Tuesday 26th of March for use by District Offices of Education in five Cambodian provinces as part of a programme to improve the monitoring of primary schools supported by the Capacity Development Partnership Fund.