Monday, February 18, 2013

Assistance to most-deprived children in Cambodia

Kong Socheat and her grandmother.
©UNICEF/CBD2012/Seneh Siv
Kong Socheat lives in Khsach Pouy village, Voat Kor sangkat, about 30 minutes by motorbike from Battambang city, north western Cambodia.

“My name is Kong Socheat and my nickname is Kong Sokong. I am 11 years old, but I don’t know the exact date of my birthday. I live with my grandmother. She has taken care of me since I was a baby. I love her so much. My parents migrated to Thailand when I was still a baby. My parents left me and my three younger brothers in the care of my grandmother, and they have not visited us in a very long time. I don’t remember their face now.

Last year, some of my classmates and I received school uniforms (one uniform for each of us) at the commune office. We were so happy on that day! I like my uniform very much. I wear it every day to go to school.

Last year, I graduated from Grade 4 in Khsach Pouy primary school. I was the tenth among my 26 classmates. I have four close friends (three girls and one boy) at school. I am now in Grade 5. Science, social studies, mathematics and Khmer language are my favourite subjects. There is a private English class in the village, which costs 10,000 Riels (about $2.50) per month. I also want to learn English, but my grandmother does not have money to pay for my school fees.

Kong Socheat “I want to become a doctor.”
©UNICEF/CBD2012/Seneh Siv
I want to become a medical doctor when I grow up, because doctors can cure many people. I know that I must study very hard to make my dream come true. I will try my best! Every day I spend at least one hour to study by myself at home.

At school, I like playing with my classmates during breaks. My favourite games are jumping height and skipping rope. At home, I usually help my grandmother with doing some house chores like washing clothes and dishes, cleaning the house, and preparing easy food like rice, boiling eggs, grilling fish, and so on.”
Support to Kong Socheat was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Japan Committee for UNICEF to the Seth Koma programme.

As told to Seneh Siv, LGCR officer, Zone Battambang

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